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Gutjahr Brothers Are 4th Generation Auctioneers Celebrating 40 Years

By Debby Stricker
Ken and Dave Gutjahr have auctioneering in their blood. The rural Coulterville brothers are the fourth generation in the business of bringing buyers and sellers together.
They follow in the footsteps of their father, Charles, grandfather, Albert, and great-grandfather, Peter.
They are fortunate to have a sale bill for Peter Gutjahr from 1925. Since German was the common language in this area in the early 1900s, he spoke and auctioned in German. His son, Albert, joined him in the family business and was active until his death in 1956. Albert’s son, Charles, assisted his father and grandfather in the family business as a young man, but due to his father’s early death, he was unable to continue the business.
When his sons, Ken and Dave, now 58 and 56, showed interest in auctioneering in the 1980s, Charles saw that they attended auctioneer school…

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