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Richview Metalsmith Wants to Share Her Art

By Travis Volz

Creating art is more than a hobby for Kathleen Janvier. Her need to make things goes much deeper than that.
“It’s almost like I can feel it in my body when I’m not making art,” she said. “I start to feel agitated.”
Already an accomplished metalsmith, Janvier is hoping to spread her passion for working with metal to others with a metal stamping class at the Ashley Public Library next month.
The Georgia native who now makes her home in Richview found her passion for working with her hands while in college at the University of Georgia.
While studying English and art, Janvier fell in love with metalworking during one of her undergraduate art classes.
“I found it to be very empowering,” she said. “You can work with something small like a piece of jewelry and make it yours.”
Roundabout Journey Ended in Richview
After graduating with degrees in English and metalsmithing, Janvier followed her passion to the Netherlands, where she studied with contemporary jewelry artisans in Amsterdam.

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