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St. Louis Man Pleads Guilty to Shooting St. Libory Guard

A St. Louis man pled guilty in federal court to shooting a security guard from St. Libory during a 2021 bank robbery.

Jaylan Quinn, 23, admitted that he fatally shot Ted Horn in the process of robbing First Bank in East St. Louis in August 2021.

According to court documents, Quinn and Andrew R. Brinkley, 21 of St. Louis entered First Bank in East St. Louis on August 27, 2021 wearing masks. 

The pair approached the teller and displayed a demand note. The note read, “I GOT A BOMB STRAPPED TO MY CHEST PUT ALL THE MONEY IN OR EVERYONE DIE.” After receiving funds, the two men ran toward the door.

Horn, who was working as a uniformed security guard, moved to intercept the men, but Quinn drew a handgun and shot Horn in the head. Horn was later pronounced dead at the scene. 

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