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COVID Boosters Available In County

COVID Boosters with protection for the Omicrom   variant are available in the County.

Boosters are recommended for people who have not  had a booster for at least two  months. Boosters are free to patrons, paid by the federal government.

Boosters and flu shots can be administered at the same time. It is not recommended, however, for people who had an adverse reaction from a prior COVID booster.

The Nashville Pharmacy gives the Pfizer boosters on Tuesdays, and Moderna on Fridays. Appointments are required

Doehring Pharmacy in Nashville gives Moderna Bivalent boosters on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Appointments or walk-ins are welcome.

COVID vaccines are also available for people who have not had gotten any vaccine, but that demand has slowed. No one has come to the Nashville Pharmacy for a first vaccine for several months, said pharmacist Bethany Ruggles. 

The County Health Department schedules boosters one day or two a week, with the days varying each week. Maderna and Pfizer boosters are available.

Vaccines for people who have had no prior vaccine are also available. The Health Department has given a  hand full of those in the last month, said Clinic Clerk Karen Martens. 

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