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Health Department Reminds Residents That COVID Still Poses a Danger

Even though the reported number of new COVID cases have remained low over the last several weeks, the Washington County Health Department is reminding residents that the threat of infection is not relegated to history.

Since May 1, a total of 16 new cases have been reported in Washington County. That is up a bit from April, when only ten new cases were reported amongst county residents.

With case counts less of a concern, WCHD has switched to tracking the severity of the COVID disease, including hospitalizations, severe symptoms, and death. As the number of cases increases, so does the chance of severe illness.

“As we enter summer, we look forward to many things that may have been put on hold for the last two years,” said WCHD Administrator Elizabeth Lehde in a statement. “Vacations, concerts, sporting events, and gatherings will be filling our schedules.”

Lehde reminds residents that certain precautions remain prudent regardless of the case counts: 

* Stay home if not feeling well and stay away from others if they are not feeling well. 

* Continue to wash hands, eat healthy foods, exercise, and get plenty of rest. 

* Check the CDC website to learn if there is high transmission of COVID-19 in the area you will be traveling to.

* Consider vaccination and/or boosters if you have not already.

* Wear a mask, even if they are not required if concerned with getting sick.

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