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Candidates File For Office For June Primary

Candidates to head Washington County offices will not have opposition in the Primary election June 28.

 Shari Hempen  (R) is the only candidate for County Clerk. She has held the office since January, when she was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Clerk Nancy Heseman at her retirement.

Treasurer Natalie Lynch (R) is seeking reelection to the office she has held for one term.

Ross Schulze (R) is the only candidate for Sheriff. Incumbent Len Campbell (R) is not seeking reelection. 

Supervisor of Assessors: Sharon Harre Mewes (R) is seeking her third term.

Andrea Renken, (R) who was appointed Circuit Clerk at the death of Cindy Barczewski, is  running for the unexpired 2-year term.

County Board

All county board seats are elected in 2022 because of restrictions following the census.

Three will be elected from each district.

The salary for board members was increased from $65 to $75 per meeting, effective December 2022. 

District 1 candidates: Rodney Small (R) Nashville; Gene Lamczyk Jr. (R) Ashley; Gera Sims (D) Irvington; Kate Muenter (D) Centralia; Gary Suedmeyer (R) Hoyleton; and Larry Unverfehrt (R) Centralia.

Sims, who has previously served on the board, is the only new candidate. 

District 2: Alan Hohlt (R) Nashville; Dennis Schemonic (D) DuBois; Daniel Bronke (R) Nashville; Brian Klingenberg (R) Nashville; Dave Ibendahl (R) Nashville.

Bronke, who previously served as the States Attorney, is the only new candidate. District 2 board member Leo Barczewski is not seeking reelection.

District 3: Dave Meyer (R) Nashville; Dave Karg (R) Coulterville; Paul Todd (R) Okawville; Eric Brammeier (R) Venedy; and Doug Bening  (R) Okawville are seeking reelection. 

Karg has served since he was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Victor Shubert, following his death in 2021.

Precinct Committeemen

Ashley – Len Piasecki (D)

Beaucoup – Gary Reynolds (D), Rodney Small (R)

Bolo: Raymond Kostecki (D)

DuBois: Rosalie Kostecki (R)

Hoyleton: Gary Suedmeyer (R)

Irvington: Carla Barrett (R)

Johannisburg: Steven Droege (R)

Nashville 1: Denny Hoffman (R)

Oakdale: Sam Pruitt (D), Veron Auld (R)

Okawville 1: John Bochantin (D), Daniel Janowski (R)

Pilot Knob: Steve Fletcher (R)

Plum Hill: Glen Backs (R)

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