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Wilra Farm Installs Next Generation Of Dairy

by Debby Stricker

When Wilra Farms’ 40-year-old parlor reached the end its useful life and was no longer as efficient as needed, the Harre family partnership looked for alternatives. They wanted new technology to support the dairy operation’s slightly expanded herd size on the multi-generational dairy farm southwest of Nashville.

The solution was to invest in a rotary milking parlor that would decrease the amount of time per milking and provide a better environment for both the cows and those milking the cows.  

The Harre partners, Clint, his brother Nick, father Doug, uncle Curt, and cousins Lucas and Matt purchased a Waikato rotary (carousel) system made in New Zealand. It is among only a handful of rotary parlors in Illinois. 

Cows enter the rotary by walking onto a platform, are milked as the platform spins in slow rotation, then back off once finished. “The first few days of milking the cows in the parlor were quite challenging, but now that they have become accustomed to the new system, we’re seeing real time efficiency gains and the cows are very relaxed and comfortable,” said Clint Harre.

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