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FBLA Project Reaches Final Step

By Travis Volz

Kevin Kenow wanted to give the members of the Future Business Leaders of America the experience of building a business from the ground up, and the group is ready to hit the market with the new product.

After months of work, the FBLA will begin offering keychains and magnets with the Okawville Rocket logo to customers at basketball games this weekend.

“I let the kids take the lead, and this is the idea they came up with,” Kenow said. “They did everything from the conception stage to production and marketing.”

The Rocket emblems, which are made in Kenow’s 3D printer, have a hole that holds a small magnet or can be attached to a set of keys.

“We wanted something that we though parents would buy, because they are always so supportive of everything we do at the high school,” said FBLA President Wilson Welch.

Having an idea is the first step in a long path to bringing that idea to fruition, as the group learned during the process.

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