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Local Resources Stretched Thin By COVID Surge

By Travis Volz

The COVID case count in Washington County spiked once again last week, with a total of 195 new cases since last Tuesday.

After several weeks of steadily increasing infections, the last two weeks have seen the total number of case counts spike to some of the highest levels of the pandemic.

Local Pharmacy Unable to Find Test Kits

With cases spiking, the Okawville Medicenter Pharmacy, as well as Nashville Pharmacy and Doehring Pharmacy in Nashville are unable to keep COVID testing kits in stock. People calling daily checking to see when a supply is available. 

“We’re trying to order them every day, but there are none in stock,” said Okawville Pharmacy manager Kevin Reynolds. “We check with our distributor every day, but they don’t have any to get us.”

It is has been this way since before the holidays. Reynolds said the last time he had tests was just before Christmas.

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