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After 46 Years Delivering Mail, Nashville rural Carrier To Retire

By Debby Stricker

Nashville Post Office rural mail carrier Larry Harre and his Jeep with over 300,000 miles made their last delivery at the end of the year. “When I retired, the Jeep retired,” Harre said.

Harre has driven a lot of miles in his 46 years as a rural mail carrier. The first six years were as a substitute carrier, until he became a full time carrier 40 years ago.

His 90 miles a day route had 450 stops in the south part of Nashville and rural area south of Nashville. 

To put that in another perspective,  in his long career, he has driven at the equivalent of least two round-trips to the moon or 40 trips circling the globe.

When Harre started, he had about 200 mail boxes on a 85 mile route. Although the route was only lengthened 5 miles, the number of mailboxes more then doubled as rural subdivisions were built.

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