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Deputy County Clerk Will Serve Remainder Of Clerk’s Term

by Debby Stricker

The Washington County Board appointed Deputy Clerk Shari Hempen to serve the unexpired term of Clerk Nancy Heseman at its meeting last Tuesday. Heseman will retire January 1.

The board thanked her for her 44 years of service in the office, with the last 14 as County Clerk.  

The Board appointed Dave Karg of rural Coulterville to fill the unexpired term of the late Vic Shubert. Both Karg and Shubert are from Lively Grove Township.

Treasurer Natalie Lynch reported that 98 percent of property tax has been collected. About 400 certified letters will be sent to property owners past due on about $400,000.

A tax sale will be held January 14, where buyers bid on the interest rate they can charge property owners for paying their taxes. The state lowered the maximum rate from 18 to 9 percent. In the bidding process, bidding starts at the maximum rate, and then decreases.

For the first time, the sale will be conducted through a computer program. The computer will randomly select the successful bidder in the event of a tie.

The agency conducting the sale, Joseph Meyer, will assist people as needed with the buying process. 

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