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Prairie State GC Leads County List of Top Property Tax Payers

By Debby Stricker

1 The Prairie State Generating Company located in Lively Grove Township paid the most property taxes in 2021 in Washington County, according to the Treasurer’s office records. 

 Taxes on the power plant, coal mine, agriculture tracts totaled $1,972,361. That was ten times the next highest property tax payer.

Enterprise Zone

Seven of the top twenty property taxpayers are located in the enterprise zone near Route 127 on the north side of Nashville. 

The enterprise zone was established in 1986 when Magna International solicited incentives to build its auto parts manufacturing plant, Nascote, at Nashville. 

Incentives are that there is no sales tax on building materials, and no property taxes for the first five years.  For warehouse developments with at least 1.2 million square feet, the tax abatement is waived for 10 years.  

Establishing the enterprise zone paved the way for other manufacturing and industrial development.

Nashville Mayor Ray Kolweier  credits the enterprise zone as the incentive for several businesses that generate property taxes revenue and hundreds of jobs.

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