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Ashley Residents Bring Questions About Proposed TIF To Public Hearing

Ashley residents brought their questions and concerns about a proposed TIF District to a public hearing at the Ashley City Hall Monday.

Consultant Jeff Ashauer explained that while most TIF districts target business development, the Ashley TIF will focus on improving housing. The entire city would be in the TIF District. He explained that a Conservation TIF is needed because the city’s assessed valuation has not increased at the same rate as other county towns, and that 95 percent of the buildings are at least 35 years old. A Conservation TIF would help keep the city from sliding into blighted conditions, he said.

The increase in property taxes from increased assessed valuation would be directed to the TIF Fund, instead of the various taxing districts. Those funds could be used as incentives for people to improve houses. It can also be used to establish a day care, which would attract people to the town, and given to the taxing districts for property improvements.

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