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Former Local Woman and Husband Hike Continental Divide Trail

by Debby Stricker

Molly Shubert and Timmy Fearn are no strangers to long hikes.  The Okawville High graduate and her husband  have reached the 10,000 mile milestone on long distance hikes together in the past 7 years.

Their recent 2,900 mile,  5 1/2 month Continental Divide Trail hike from the Mexico border to the Canadian border brought new adventures and challenges. The route took them through deserts, past old mines, over sandstone, through lava flows, undergrowth as high as their shoulders, forests, glaciers and over mountains. The highest mountain they climbed was Gray’s Peak in Colorado, at 14,278 feet.   

The couple started at the official starting point at Crazy Cook Monument in Lordsburg, New Mexico on April 18. They finished September 29. 

In backpacks weighing 15 pounds before adding food and water, they carried a tent, cooking stove, sleeping bags, and clothing. 

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