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Bucket List Check: Hike The Grand Canyon

By Debby Stricker

Temperatures of at least 110 degrees, steep inclines, and scorpions. What is not to like about hiking to the bottom and back to the top of the Grand Canyon.

Jared, 38 and Jessica, 45, Hasheider endured the challenge to hike the country’s most iconic and beautiful national park last week. 

The Okawville couple made the 24 mile hike in one day. That is something they would advise against, said Jessica. She said they should have spent a night and an extra day at a campground at the bottom. They could have explored the bottom of the Canyon, and had time to recuperate and start the hike out refreshed.

  To cool off in the heat of they day, they took off their hiking boots and dipped their feet, hats and shirts in cold streams along the way.   

Read the full story in this week’s issue.

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