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County Board Approves Audit

The Washington County Board approved an audit by Krehbiel & Associates at its meeting last week.

County  income increased 22 percent from 2019 to 2020, from $9.97 million to $12.2 million, according to the audit. During the same period expenses decreased 5.5 percent, from $9.1 million to $8.6 million. 

The $12.2 million income included  property taxes of $4 million;  charges  for services, $1.7 million; miscellaneous revenues $1.8 million; Prairie State Revenue $1.15 million; sales tax $.9 million; state income taxes $.7 million; motor fuel taxes $.5 million; capital grants $.5 million; operating grants, $.4 million; and interest income of $65,000 (numbers are rounded). 

Read the full story in this week’s issue. 

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