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County Board Hires Consultant As Administrator For COVID Funds

The Washington County Board heard differing opinions about a proposal to hire Bellweather LLC of Normal, Il. as an administrator/consultant for spending federal COVID funds. The fee will be $20,000 for a two year contract, or less than 1 percent of the federal funds received.

EMA Director Matt Bierman said he didn’t think it was financially prudent, because he could handle the work at no extra cost to county. “Why would you pay someone else when you already have someone on the payroll who can do it,” he said.  Bierman said that he has access to the same information as Bellweather about allowable expenditures.

Financial Chairman Gary Suedmeyer said that having Bierman do the work could trigger over-time pay.

County Treasurer Natalie Lynch and  County Clerk Nancy Heseman both spoke in favor of hiring Bellweather. “Keep in mind who is supposed to be in charge of all county money,” Lynch told the board.

Read the full story in this week’s issue. 

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