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One Year After Homicide Ashley, No Arrest Made

Yellow police tape has been removed from the house of homicide victim David Woodrome in Ashley. The sign asking for information leading to the arrest of his killer has been removed from the Popeck’s gas station.

Little else has changed, however, since the February 2020 murder of Woodrome, better known as “Woody”. The 71 year old man who lived alone was shot as he stood at his front door. His body was found in the doorway on February 9, three days after neighbors reported to the Sheriff’s Department that they heard gun shots.

Ashley residents still have questions. “Is the murder still being investigated?” said a neighbor. “No one tells us anything. We have heard NOTHING.” “He is not getting his justice,” said another neighbor. “It’s like he is almost forgotten.”

Washington County Sheriff Len Campbell released no information whether the investigation is continuing, “No arrest” and “Nothing new to report at this time” were his short email responses to email requests for information.

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