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Young Nashville Boy Officially On Kidney Transplant List

A kidney transplant would greatly improve the quality of life for Douglas Habbe of Nashville. He is now officially on the transplant list at St. Louis Children’s  Hospital.

The seven year old with Prune Belly Syndrome tires out quickly, so he rests and takes naps frequently. “He doesn’t play like the typical 7 year old,” said his mother, Sherry.

In general, Douglas doesn’t feel well and has little appetite. The  Nashville kindergarten student has homebound school, with two teachers coming to his home.  His weak immune system puts him at too high a high risk for COVID-symptoms to attend school, said Habbe.

Douglas undergoes dialysis every night at home for six hours while sleeping. One kidney has not functioned since birth, and the other was reduced from minimal function to no function several months ago.

A kidney transplant can be from a deceased  or a living donor. A living donor has a better success rate. The donor must have type “B” or “O” blood and other markers for compatibility.

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