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Local Fitness Center Gets Beginning Of Year Bump

New Years Resolutions are good for business at the Okawville Body Works. People who vowed to themselves that starting on January 1, they would get lose weight and exercise more start coming to the fitness center.

For some patrons, it is coming back to Body Works to pick back up where they left off months or years ago. For others, it is starting something new.

At the beginning of every yea, Body Works gets a bump in business, said Trina Fuhrhop, who owns and operates the business with her husband Todd.

Spacing people safely apart because of COVID concerns is not an issue in its large space and three separate rooms, said Fuhrhop. Patrons are instructed to clean the machines before and after use. Wearing a mask is optional.

Still, the Body Works has lost some senior citizens who are concerned about being around people.

  On the plus side, it has gained patrons who now work remotely from home. The savings in time from not commuting means more time available to work out, said Fuhrhop.

Isolation at home because events and socializing have stopped has also brought people to the Fitness Center. “People have told us that they are tired of being home alone, and want to get out and  see people,” Fuhrhop said.

The Fuhrhop’s son Brad trains several small groups, and  counsels them on nutrition supplements.

The fee at Body Works is $20 a month, with no contract requirement. It is accessible 24 hours a day.

Nashville Fitness

Nashville Fitness owner Ryan Blumhorst  said that business has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Business is drastically, down,” he said. “The Health Department has scared everyone.”

Spin classes have been suspended for now.

Blumhorst also has a fitness center Mr. Vernon, which is much less affected by the Pandemic. “It is only down a tad,” he said.

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