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Area Health Care Workers First to Receive COVID Vaccine

By Travis Volz

Tiffany Lehde administers a vaccine for COVID to Dr. Ginger Fewell last Wednesday. Medical professionals at Washington County Hospital were among the first residents of Washington County to receive the vaccine.

To call 2020 a difficult year for healthcare workers would be an understatement, but just before the end of the year, hope arrived in the form of a COVID vaccine.

The first doses of the vaccine were administered at Washington County Hospital last week, finally giving frontline health professionals some good news in the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Ginger Fewell was among the first providers to receive the vaccine last Wednesday. For her, it felt like a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s been a difficult year, but I’m relieved that we have a vaccine available,” she said.

Though it has been a tough year for everyone in the medical profession, Dr. Fewell says that  everyone at the hospital performed admirably under the circumstances.

“Everybody in every department came together,” Dr. Fewell said. “People showed up even when it was hard, I think out of a sense of duty.”

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