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WCHD Reports Five COVID-Related Deaths Last Week

Five COVID-related deaths last week up the total number of fatalities related to the pandemic to 20 in the county, according to the Washington County Health Department.

The five deaths, a man in his 60s, two men and a woman in their 80s, and a woman in her 90s, all occurred between last Tuesday and this week.

Four of those deaths were residents who were in isolation due to a positive COVID test. One of men in his 80s died of complications after being released from isolation.

WCHD COVID Death Count Higher Than IDPH Website

County health officials reported that the number of fatalities they are reporting is higher than the total on the Illinois Department of Public Health website, which currently shows 17 deaths in Washington County since the start of the pandemic.

According to WCHD Administrator Elizabeth Lehde, COVID-related deaths following a positive result using the “rapid test” are listed as “probable deaths” on the IDPH website. These probable deaths are not assigned to a county, but instead are listed as probably deaths in a statewide category on the IDPH website.

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