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Prairie State Ash Pile Helps Balance County Budget

Washington County government is dependent on the Prairie State Generating Company to balance its $14 million budget, as evident of the budget adopted by the County Board at its November 10 meeting.

The board has budgeted $626,687 of the anticipated $900,000 from payments for deposits on the ash pile to meet regular expenses. Originally, the board had planned to designate the ash fund income for building projects, said Finance Chairman Gary Suedmeyer.

The ash pile income – with an amount that is not guaranteed year to year – is in addition to real estate taxes paid by PSGC.

The budget allocates $1 million in the Building Fund, which can be used for an ambulance facility or remain in the Fund. The $1 million allocated in the Renovation Fund can be used on improvements to the Jail, such as new mechanisms for the cells.

Read full details of the County Board meeting in this week’s issue. 

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