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Students Share How Covid Has Changed College Life

Abby Riechmann transferred from Kaskaskia College to the University of Missouri expecting the college experience.

“I wanted to go to football games, tailgate parties, join a sorority, and experience the student night life,” said the sophomore.

COVID restrictions changed everything.

What Riechmann got was a lot of time in her apartment and movie night with her roommate.

Now, instead of experiencing weekend college life at Mizzou, Riechmann makes the 2 1/2 hour drive to come home to Okawville. “I hang out with friends here, because it’s safer, since most have just been around here.”

Riechmann has two classes on line and two in-person. She said that since the same restrictions will be in effect the second semester, she will switch to on-line classes so she can stay at home.

Read her story and several more, in this week’s issue.

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