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Everyone Working Together to Keep School Year Going

Throughout the summer, staff and administrators at West Washington County Unit District 10 stressed that it would require a team effort to have kids back in school. So far, those efforts have paid off.

After almost two weeks of classes, Okawville students have done a great job at doing what is necessary to keep the school open during the pandemic.

“The kids are doing amazingly well with masks and social distancing,” said school nurse Melinda Albers. “They might not always like doing it, but they are still doing it.”

Albers said she has been pleasantly surprised by the level of cooperation she has received, from students and from parents.

“When we first started talking about what we would need to do, I thought it would never work, but everyone has done great,” she said.

It is not only the students who are doing the right thing.  Albers also credits parents with working with her to keep everyone safe.

“I’ve been impressed by the way the parents have worked with us too,” said Albers. “The attitude seems to be that no one wants to be the one to mess up the school year.”

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