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Confusing Times for Area Student-Athletes

By Travis Volz

Confusion reigns only a few days after summer workouts began last week.

New guidelines went into effect just days after workouts started back up last Monday requiring athletes to wear masks during workouts.

“It’s very confusing for everyone,” said Okawville High athletic director Jon Kraus. “The IHSA sends out guidelines, but then there are different guidelines from the Illinois Department of Health.”

With recommendations already being updated only a few days after their implementation, Kraus said that he and other coaches are playing it safe.

“We haven’t stopped workouts, but we’ve slowed things down with the kids wearing masks,” he said. “We haven’t been doing any scrimmaging, and we’ve cut back the workout times.”

Kraus said that indoor sports and those requiring contact are of particular concern. That means basketball and volleyball are the sports with the most potential for issues.

“We basically only did shooting drills while standing relatively still last week during our basketball workouts,” Kraus said.

As with everything else in the time of pandemic, prep sports are going to look very different once school begins again next month.

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