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DuBois Teen Poised to Earn Guinness World Record

Caleb Klein did not just break a record for hands-free pogo jumps in Nashville Sunday. The teenager from DuBois positively shattered it.

With more than two straight hours of jumping, Klein more than doubled the previous record of 6,100 jumps on a pogo stick Sunday afternoon in front of Nashville Community High School.

“The current Guinness record is 6,100, and I thought I could top that,” Klein said prior to the start of his record-shattering run.

More than two hours later, after an unofficial count of 13,015. Klein is now waiting for official confirmation from the people at Guinness.

The journey started when Klein received a pogo stick as a child. After mastering the toy, he started thinking about what it would mean to set the world record.

“I was probably eight when I got a pogo stick, and I got really good at it,” he said. “I started looking into the world records for pogo jumping, and when I saw what it was, I thought I could top it.”

Read his full story in this week’s issue.

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