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Church Revives Vintage Games For Social Distance Game Nights

Lighthouse Community Church Pastor Danny Donato channels his best Bob Eubanks, donning a light blue tuxedo and his Covid-Combover as host of “The Newlywed Game”.

Lighthouse Community Church members participate in “Name That Tune” during family game night online. Top (L-R): Amy Ralls, Pastor Danny Donato, Pastoral Intern AJ Harris; Bottom (L-R): Marty Aussieker, DeAnna Miller and Hannah Miller.

Church members in a congregation are often like a big family; and just like traditional family units, members want to spend time together. That is no different for Lighthouse Community Church in Okawville and Nashville. “At LCC we have a saying,” says Pastor Danny Donato, “we do life together.” Meaning they spend time together beyond Sunday mornings.

So how does a “church family” stay connected during a pandemic? Well, like all other families are doing right now, they do it virtually. Aside from online worship on Sundays via Facebook and their website, Donato’s church family is still “doing life together”. “I wanted to create some fellowship during this time, to still be able to have that feeling of unity we all love,” said Donato.

So Donato and his team instituted virtual game nights and weekly video chats using online conferencing and social media. “The honeymoon phase of this whole thing on social media had passed, so my staff and I looked to create something different and more purposeful,” he said. And the ideas began to flow.

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