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Washington County Farmers Markets

Start in Nashville May 7, Okawville in June

The pandemic that has been and is sweeping our country has disrupted the lives of millions and will continue for the foreseeable future. That being said, life must go on. Farmers markets were deemed an essential business by the governor, so we will be having markets in both Okawville and Nashville. The Nashville market will start on May 7, 7 a.m to 11. With the cool wet spring the Okawville market will start in June as soon as the growers have enough produce. The date will be announced in The Okawville Times.

However, the markets will have to change because of the pandemic going on at this time. The following guidelines were provided by Washington County Health Department based on guidance from the Illinois Farmers Market Association and the Illinois Department of Health.

• Maintain social distances at all times.

• Everyone must wear a face mask.

• Vendors will have sanitizing solution available for vendor and customer use.

• Customers will not be allowed to handle produce. Vendors will bag produce for the customer.

• This is not a social event. Limit family members at the market.

• There will be no change given for sales, please bring your own change for payments.

• Reusable cloth bags are not to be used at the market.

• When you get your produce home be sure to wash it thoroughly prior to consumption.

Local produce is handled less than produce shipped across the country, so there is less of a chance of becoming contaminated. You are encouraged to visit farmer’s markets to enjoy local fares. Please keep guidelines in mind.

The growers have worked hard to provide you with fresh fruit and vegetables, please be respectful of them and heed the guidelines so to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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