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Families Compete In Darts Through Zoom

School, spring sports, events and social gatherings are all canceled. So what is a family that is used to a busy life to do?

Organize an in-home dart league, for one.

Kurt Heckert recruited three other families for the Friday evening activity. The families get together – virtually through Zoom on iPads  – to throw darts in their own homes.

The competitors include Kurt, Kim, Jackson, and Jordyn Heckert of Lively Grove; Brad, Erin, Raegan and Lydia Luechtefeld of Okawville; Greg, Tara, Payten, Jacksen, Adysen, and Jilien Harre (rotating 4 players a week) of Okawville; and Bob, Angie, Cami, and Syd Walters of Mascoutah.

Through Zoom, the players can see the dartboards and families competing. Cheering and socializing are part of the fun, Heckert said.

Read more about it in this week’s issue. 

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