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OHS Seniors Honored With Signs In Town

Signs for each Okawville High graduate line Front Street from the South entrance of town to Third Street.

With their last few months of high school on hold, Okawville High seniors now have something to smile about.

Each of the 34 seniors is honored with a sign in the shape of a graduation cap with his/her name. The signs of school colors – orange for girls and blue for boys –  are attached to utility poles on Front Street.

Todd and Trina Fuhrhop, owners of Okawville Body Shop, donated the signs. Trina said that she wanted to do something special for the seniors because they are most impacted by school closing for at least six weeks due to COVID-19.

Fuhrhop couldn’t find a ready-made sign, so she designed the graduation cap herself. She ordered tassels on line put on the corrogated plastic signs.

Todd Furhrhop and Unit District Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop (no relation) helped make them.

Fuhrhop also made signs for the entrance of town that say “We are OHS Strong” and “We Are Okawville, We Are The Rockets”.

The three Fuhrhops put up the signs last week.

It didn’t take long for the Okawville High seniors and their parents to start phoning the Fuhrhops to thank them for the signs, and say how much they were appreciated. Many commented that they especially appreciate the kindness, since the Fuhrhops don’t even have a senior this year.

The signs will be given to the students when they are taken down.

While signs for each sports season with the names of the participants are routine, this is the first year for signs for graduates. The signs for spring sports were not put up because the baseball/softball and track competition is on hold. The Booster Club buys the sports signs that are ordered by Body Works.

“Unsung Heroes”

Superintendent Fuhrhop calls Todd and Trina Fuhrhop “unsung heroes” of the community. “We owe so much to them for everything they do for the Booster Club, after prom party, and other things for our students. People take for granted what they do. We can’t thank them enough.”

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