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WCH Continues Preparations for COVID-19

A tent went up outside Washington County Hospital in Nashville in preparation for the possibility of more cases of COVID-19.

A hospital official said that the tent is not going up in response to new cases, but as a precautionary measure in case more people become ill.

“We’re trying to stay ahead of things, and the tent is part of those preparations,” said Amber Frerker, the hospital’s infection control nurse.

The tent would be used as the front line of control for the hospital in case of a surge of new patients.

According to Frerker, patients would be screened in the tent to determine where they would be sent for treatment. This would be done in order to minimize exposure to other patients in the hospital.

It is the latest step in the hospital’s efforts to keep both patients and staff healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, including rigid restrictions on visitors. No visitors will be allowed to the Long Term Care wing, and other departments will limit the number of visitors, as well as screen those who are visiting.

In addition to those measures, the Rural Health Clinic has scaled back its operations, with patients being urged to make telemedicine appointments rather than face-to-face visits with caregivers.

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