“What’s Right About West Washington County” Writing Contest

The West Washington County Progress Initiative has recently launched a social media campaign, utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to highlight the area’s schools, attractions, community, and local businesses. Since February, Hannah Daab, intern for the initiative, has been working on the campaign.

With the intention of increasing awareness and attracting new residents to the West Washington County area, the campaign plans to incorporate community involvement through a series of testimonials and contests. The campaign will be sponsoring its first of many local contests in the coming month, with many more to come throughout the year.

The WWCPI is pleased to announce the campaign’s inaugural contest: a community writing contest beginning March 1, 2020. This unique competition invites community members of all ages to use their creativity and personal experiences to highlight “what’s right” about West Washington County. This contest is a call for those who have pride in their hometowns and a passion for using their voices to express and advocate for their communities.

Winners are eligible for publication on myokawville.com website, recognition on the West Washing County social media sites, a feature in The Okawville Times, and a $25 Okawville Chamber of Commerce gift card, usable at a wide variety of businesses in the area.

Within the limits provided below, participants are asked to structure their submissions according to the following prompt: Describe your favorite event that takes place in your hometown or a favorite hometown memory. Please include details such as who you shared this memory with, the way it made you feel, or your favorite thing about where you live.

Age Groups:

• Elementary A (Grades K – 1): One page drawing

• Elementary B (Grades 2 – 3): One written page

• Elementary C (Grades 4 – 5): One written page

• Jr. High (Grades 6 – 8): Max. 400 words

• High School (Grades 9 – 12): Max. 600 words

• Adult (Ages 19 – 55): 500 – Max. 600 words

• Senior Adult (Ages 56+): Max. 600 words

Participants are asked to provide their full name, age/grade, hometown, and contact information along with their submission. Participants are also encouraged (but not required) to include personal or family photos of their favorite hometown event or memory with their submission. Winners’ photos will be displayed along with their submission on the website. The contest does not require participants to live in the West Washington County area.

Submissions to the “What’s Right About West Washington County” contest must be turned in by Tuesday, March 31 at the West Washington County CUSD #10 Elementary School, Okawville Jr. & Sr. High School, or emailed to [email protected]

Judging will be performed by the Steering Committee and winners will be notified during the week of April 6.

The committee asks that community members support the campaign by following the west_wash_co social media sites and appreciates the page likes and shares to contribute to the area’s overall success.

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