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Veterans, and Those To Be, Honored at OJSHS

Okawville Junior-Senior High School honored military veterans during an assembly Friday. Among the highlights was Marine Sergeant Deaton presenting recruit Justin Wilson with a certificate of enlistment in the Marine Corps. Wilson will begin his service following graduation this spring.

Veterans Day is about more than just a day off school and lessons about old wars from history class. Okawville students learned that the holiday is about honoring people that are still around who served their country at an assembly held Friday in the O-Rena.

Principal Keith Senior opened the presentation by pointing out that almost everyone in attendance had someone in their family who had served.

“Take some time Monday when you’re not talking with your friends and playing video games to send a loved one who served a text or message thanking them for their service,” Senior said.

Read the full article in this week’s issue, plus more stories and photos of Veteran’s Day events from around the county.

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