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Parent Group Seeking After School Program Attends Board Meeting

A parent representing a group wanting to start an after-school program for school kids at Okawville Grade School addressed the West Washington County Unit District School Board during the meeting Thursday.

Melissa Carrico said she was part of a group asking that the school look into a program for students with working parents.

The Rocket Launch After-School Initiative started as a group on Facebook for parents of students interested in an affordable, quality after-school program.

According to the Facebook group, there is a demand for the program. “Nationally more than 30 million school-age children have both parents working outside the home. Furthermore, 11.3 million “latchkey children” go home after school each day to a house with no adult supervision,” as found in the parent group’s research.

Carrico handed out binders with some of the findings from her research. She said she talked to several area districts, including Nashville, Marissa and Wesclin about their programs.

In talking with the other districts, Carrico says that other schools treat after-school programs as clubs, and that they could be self-funded.

The board will consider the proposal for the after-school initiative at the next board meeting, which is on the September 28 agenda.

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