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Legion Gets Insurance Response; Rebuilding May Include Addition

The Okawville American Legion finally got a response from its insurance company for structural damage that was noticed in April.

The company offered the Post a reasonable settlement for the replacement of the roof structure and lost profits due to closing the hall.

However, it is claiming that poor workmanship led to the roof structure failure, so it is not providing full coverage.

The Legion has responded with a letter from a local attorney that the Legion is seeking 100% coverage of all losses incurred from the roof structure failure.

Prior to their response of coverage, Legion members feared they would end up with only “an area of grass where the hall once stood”.

However, with the insurance company information finally in hand, the Legion  has begun the process of seeking bids from local contractors to replace the roof structure. This will necessitate new roof trusses and its associated support structure, which will hopefully be done within the original footprint of the hall.

The Legion’s desire is also to return the interior of the hall to the original ceiling height of 11’3” to reclaim the grand space feel the hall used to have.  A full inspection will soon be made of the crawl space beneath the dance hall floor to evaluate the overall condition of the existing floor joists and subfloor. Members hope that the floor of the building dating to the 1893 opera house is still adequate.

Full detail on the Legion’s story are available in this week’s issue.

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