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16th Annual Frogtown Invitational Results

The 16th Annual Frogtown Invitational was held Tuesday, August 6 at Roland Barkau Memorial Golf Course. Twenty-four local golfers competed for fun and prizes in the nine-hole event.

This year’s “Closest to the Lake” winner was Joe Schuette, and the Silver Balls champion was Kenny Koeller. The Silver Balls award is based on a formula combining advanced years and golf prowess.

Winning the overall tournament and earning the championship plaque and coveted Green Jacket was Darrel Frederking with a net score of 24.

Taking second with a score of 28 was Steve Fromme, and third place went to Rich Reuss with a score of 30.

Darrel Frederking – Overall Winner

Finishing with a high score of 50 and earning a prize of a dozen golf balls was Dan Schuette.

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