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Greaney Closes Gun Shop

A combination of government regulations for licensing and his age led Steve Greaney to close his gun shop in Lively Grove earlier this month.

The state has enacted tighter regulations, which meant more record keeping, said Greaney. At age 71, Greaney said that he just doesn’t want to deal with it any more.

Greaney will continue selling ammunition, scopes and fishing licenses at his shop. He will be open a couple nights a week, but doesn’t have a set schedule yet.

Greaney started selling guns in 1984. Since opening his shop in 1996 he has sold about 6,000 guns. Customers came from surrounding counties, as well as the local area.
He was the only person in the county who sold black powder, used in muzzle loaders.

In earlier years in business Greaney was the only licensed dealer in Washington County. Through the years others in the county have started selling. Retailers such as Buchheits and Walmart now also sell guns, he said.  WW Sales– in Ashley is another Licensed gun dealer in the County. He is open and selling firearms.

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