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Despite Lawsuit, Hopfinger Joins Nashville City Council

The former officer of the Nashville Police Department currently suing the city was sworn in as the new member of the Nashville City Council Thursday.

It was the first meeting for Greg Hopfinger, who, along with his wife, has an ongoing lawsuit against the city after being fired from their respective positions at the Nashville Police Department in 2017.Hopfinger was elected to the council in April.

According to Hopfinger, who says he had unsuccessfully run for election to the council one other time, his new position will not affect the lawsuit.

“I know I’ll have to recuse myself on votes related to the lawsuit, but I really want to do what is best for the city,” he said.

The suit, which was filed in the United State District Court for the Southern District of Illinois in January of 2018, is ongoing. A settlement conference is scheduled for May 15.

Full details are available in this week’s issue.

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