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Village Board Candidates’ Names Not on Ballot

A filing paperwork snafu has resulted in blanks on the ballot for Okawville Village Trustees in the upcoming consolidated election.

Paperwork filing for candidates was not submitted to the county clerk by the deadline, and so no names are listed for the three full-term races and one race for an unexpired two-year term.

According to Mayor Dave Jasper, the failure to turn in the proper paperwork before the deadline has created a unique situation.

“We have four people who have filed paperwork to be considered write-in candidates,” Jasper said. “They just have to make sure they have enough people write in their names.”

Since those petitions were not filed, candidates were required to register with Heseman’s office to be considered as write-in candidates for the April 2 election by January 31.

Incumbents Scott Cragen, Brian Nelson and Drew Hesker filed the necessary paperwork, and new candidate Jeannie Millikin filed with the county clerk to fill the unexpired two-year term of Morris Ritzel.

To be elected, each candidate must receive at least five write-in votes on the ballot to be declared the winner of the election. The five-vote threshold is based on a percentage of the total number of votes cast in the last consolidated election.

Voters will have to write in the names of their preferred candidates on the ballot and fill in the bubble next to the line in order for the vote to be counted.

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  1. Danielle Williams on March 20, 2019 at 10:51 am

    Considering that this is something that is in relation to voting don’t you think this article should be available in full on your website?

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