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Wheelchair Rugby Athlete Melton to Appear in NCIS: New Orleans

Melton and LaVar Burton on the set of NCIS: New Orleans that features wheelchair rugby action.

Many people might consider a spine injury to be a catastrophe. Chuck Melton of Hoyleton turned it into an opportunity.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Melton turned himself into a world class wheelchair rugby player who has participated in international competitions against the best in the world. And playing on Team USA provided him another opportunity: a guest spot on a network television show.

Melton recently returned from Louisiana, where he was part of an episode of NCIS: New Orleans which featured a character playing wheelchair rugby.

“Its amazing the amount of opportunities this has given me,” Melton said of his injury. “It really has been a blessing for me.”

Read the full story in this week’s issue about how Melton and his teammates ended up on television.

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  1. Bud And Bonnie Klockenga on March 2, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    It is a total privilege to be friends with Chuck Melton and his wife Kelly (and their 3 amazing kids). We first met them right after the diving accident that caused Chuck’s disability, so we have witnessed his determination and dedication moving forward despite all the obstacles in front of him. It is totally exciting and inspiring to witness Chuck and his teammates at their games!!!

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