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Change In Health Insurance Means Savings For County/Employees

Switching to a different employee health insurance policy will save Washington County government about $141,000 and employees $50,000 a year, estimates County Finance Chairman Gary Suedmeyer.

Seventy-three employees are now on the health insurance plan. (County Board members do not receive health insurance.)

The previous policy with ICRMT cost $750 per person a month for single coverage. The county’s new policy with Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs $560 per person.

As was in the past, the county pays the first $500 a month for IEBW (Illinois Electrical Brothers Workers)  union members $550 for Fraternal Order of Police union employees.

County government and employees split the amount above $500 a month 50-50.

Deductible and co-pays are similar with both policies, Suedmeyer said….

The full story is available in this week’s issue.

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