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Burglar Snatches Christmas Presents

A present-stealing burglar  hit the house of Kyle, Cindy, and Kymberly Schmitt on W. Cedar Street in Okawville Christmas Eve as they were sleeping.

A barking dog at 3 a.m. alerted them that something was amiss.

The wrapped presents the burglar stole were a kitchen set for a girl, clothing for a teen girl, Black and Decker waffle maker, and ball pit set.

The Schmitts also think that the burglar intended to take the television, because it had been moved.

They believe the burglar entered through the garage window. When the ordeal was over they saw that the doors and window were left open.

During the same night someone pushed open a door in a house in the neighborhood and a took a drill from the cab of an unlocked truck.

Three Burglaries Since Oct.

It took until October until any residential burglary was reported in Okawville, said Police Chief Steve Millikin.  Earlier incidents were to a residence and unlocked garage. In August a forced entry business burglary occurred at the Roland Barkau Memorial Golf course. Two juveniles were arrested.   

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