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About Us

Okawville has had a newspaper since 1893, when J.T. Gibbs established the Okawville Times. Current publisher and editor,

Gary and Debby Stricker are only the fifth owners of the business than is more than a century old. They continue a family newspaper tradition, since his parents, Warren and Virginia operated it 26 years, and an uncle and aunt, Grover and Leona (Stricker) Brinkman for 22 years before that. Technology has changed production from the letter press method of molted hot metal and linotypes to the offset method of digital cameras and comput- ers. Ever since the sheet-fed press at the Okawville Time became obsolete, the newspaper has been printed at a large commercial plant. Pages are e-mailed to the printer, and only two hours later the finished product is picked up.

The advertisement base of Okawville Times has changed in more than a century of operation,

The days of multiple grocery stores, jewelry store, a movie theater, and clothing stores are long gone. Okawville now has a thriving businesses base of banks, insurance offices, restaurants, hotels, car dealership, grain elevator, and farm equipment dealership. What hasn't changed in the last century is the Okawville Time's mission

to bring news of the west part of the county to our readers. Our readers - whether they live here or across the country - have the same thing in common. They want to know what is happening in Okawville. And it is our pleasure to bring the news to you, week after week.

Gary and Debby Stricker

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